Week in My Frugal Life

This week, I thought I’d share a week in my frugal life and the kind of things I do to save money.  I’m a busy mum of two young boys, trying to build up a business (s) working from home. Hopefully this shows that you can still have fun, shop and eat well and not have to spend a lot!

  1. The week started as usual at our morning toddler group on Monday morning. My 2 boys and I go for £1.50 for all of us and they have such a lovely time. There’s always lots of crafts, toys, puzzles and books as well as juice and biscuits! Most importantly there’s coffee and biscuits for the grown ups too as well as time to have an adult conversation!!
  2. Made a meal plan and shopping list and took my littlest one food shopping to Aldi whilst his brother was in nursery. I make sure I take snacks with me so that he doesn’t get tempted and ask for anything that’s not on the list! He’s only 2, so I make it a fun game for him to try and find what we need on the list.
  3. Found some bargain clothes in a charity shop for my little ones. I often have a hunt in the big baskets of childrens’ clothes that you often find in charity shops, they’re usually baby clothes, but this week I found some lovely items in perfect sizes for my 2 boys. My two are going through trousers like there’s no tomorrow, putting holes in the knee’s after only a couple of wears, it’s very frustrating! I’m therefore always on the lookout for cheap bottoms!
  4. Made a little detour to the library after visiting one of my clients and picked up a couple of books to keep me going over the next month. I love libraries!
  5. Utilised my slow cooker to make a huge portion of sweet potato and butternut squash curry. We’ll have this to eat over the next few nights and I’ll also have enough to put some portions in the freezer as well for nights when I can’t be bothered to cook! I love batch cooking and my slow cooker!
  6. Cut and coloured my own hair saving loads of money, I bought a dye for about £5.00 and the cut is free as I do it myself following tutorials on YouTube.
  7. I booked a mystery shop assignment in for part way through the week, I made a little bit of money and received a free lunch! I don’t do mystery shops as much as I used to as I’m focusing on making money in other ways, but I often have a look to see if there’s an assignment that fits nicely in to my day.
  8. Took lunch and snacks with me when I went to do some work at a client’s office so I didn’t spend money on lunch.
  9. Took the opportunity when I was out and about to have a look around some second hand furniture shops to see I could find some furniture for our home. I love buying old furniture and giving in a new lease of life in a new home, with a lick of paint or sometimes just with a good clean. Saves loads of money and you will always have a unique and stylish home. I actually managed to find a King sized bed for £75 and a sofa for £175! I’m been searching for these for months and I’m so pleased I’m finally found ones I like.
  10. Utilised some plastic fruit containers from a recent “yellow sticker” haul to use a drawer dividers in my desk. I’m really pleased with how they look and it don’t cost me anything!

I hope you found that useful, that’s a typical sort of week for me, a mix of working, looking for bargains and entertaining 2 small boys on a budget!

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