Frugal Living – Reclaiming back my  Life and my Sanity!

I’m passionate about frugal living, looking after my money and making it work for me. I strongly believe that you don’t have to spend, or have lots of money to be happy and enjoy life. I haven’t always been this way, I could spend hours wandering round shops with friends and make a whole day of shopping, lunches and coffees, but then something change when I had my children, my time and money became so much more precious. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been careful with money and I’ve always considered myself a saver rather than a spender; however I’m now a lot more focused and want to make my money work even harder to be able to cut down the hours that I work to be able to work on things I’m passionate about.

Having recently moved house to somewhere that needs a bit of an update, add in two young children (both under two) you will see that I have no free time. So trying to unpack, keep on top of house work and plan a house update I’ve been horrified at the amount of possessions that we own that we really don’t use or need (this was after decluttering before the move!); we don’t need all this stuff; it has cost us (unnecessary) money to accumulate it and life would be so much easier (from a money saving, cleaning and tidying and organising point of view) if we hadn’t bought them in the first place. I’ve been getting quite anxious about it for a while now, I don’t like mess and clutter, I don’t function well so I don’t know how its happened. Actually I do….it’s because I would buy something from a charity shop or car boot sale because it was cheap without consciously thinking whether I needed it!!

So as well as living frugally, I’m trying to live a lot more simply as well, minimising possessions and paperwork and clutter. Frugal living and minimal living go hand in hand and I need to get on top of it and reclaim back my sanity!

This blog will be a place to share money saving hints and tips and lifestyle ideas.

Hope you enjoy!

Babs x

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