I started this blog back in May 2017 with the intention to run it alongside my day job, to which I was just about to return, after having my second baby.  I’ve just found a post which I wrote not long after I returned to work, which I didn’t actually get round to posting. I decided to post it now because it’s been nearly a year since I returned to work and  I’m amazed at how much my life has changed since then.

July 2017 – I’ve just been informed that I’m at risk of redundancy and it’s pretty likely will be made redundant. Now don’t get me wrong it’s quite scary, especially since I have just returned from maternity leave (literally 2 weeks ago) have two small boys to think about and we’re in the process of moving house taking on a mortgage which is more than double our previous mortgage!!!……..so money is tight!

I’m grateful however for the fact that because of the way I live my life I know things are going to be ok and I’m actually excited about the new opportunity this is presenting to me.

So one of the first things I did (after the information had sunk in) was work out how much money I would be getting between now and the time my redundancy payment was made and the second was to work out what I could cut back on or eliminate altogether in order to save some money.

Luckily I don’t have an extravagant lifestyle, I’m always looking for ways to save money and find good deals on things and ways to do things for free, it’s just a part of who I am. However when hard cold reality steps in, it’s certainly easy to see what is an essential and what’s just a nice to have.

I’m now in the position to know how long I can survive without a job (which is about 6 months) and also that if I can’t find a job at the same level that I’m on now that’s also fine because I don’t need to earn that much anyway in order to pay the bills.

I’m therefore able to use the opportunity to think about what I really want to do and plan my job search and future plans accordingly instead of panicking and worrying that I need to take anything that comes along.

I appreciate that this is a good position to be in and I’m so grateful!

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and to trust in the universe that you will get what you need.

Although I’d wanted to do something different with my life for years, always knowing that deep down inside this 9-5, corporate world wasn’t for me, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to actually leave a well paid job to take that leap into the unknown.

At first I started looking for jobs,  and in between job searches I was working on side hustles to bring in some extra money to top up my redundancy payment. After a while I realised that I was actually earning a reasonable amount of money from these, so started to actually put more effort into them to create the work at home lifestyle that I now have. I’m now earning money working from home, doing things which I enjoy. For the last 2 months I’ve actually been in profit, bringing more money in than is leaving in bills and payments. I still have a little way to go before I’m matching my previous salary (which is a little goal of mine) but I’m certainly on my way and I owe it all to the moment when I was told my department was going to be made redundant!


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