This is my last month on maternity leave before I head back to work in June! I can’t believe that I’ve been off work for nearly 12 months, it’s flown! I’ve therefore decided that I’m going to make the most of my last month off try to make as much money as I can this month, using the side hustles that I’ll be continuing with once I’m back at work.

I plan to start doing the following:

Mystery Shopping – This is where companies pay you to assess the service of their clients. The majority tends to be restaurants or shops but you can also pick up assignments for banks and travel agents. You usually get a fee for completing the assignment and then the cost of your meal or shopping on top (up to¬† a certain value). I’ve probably been mystery shopping for about 5 years now, but haven’t actively searched for jobs over the past couple of years (since having my boys). It’s a fun way to make a bit of extra money so I’m going to put the effort in to search for more jobs. The companies I currently use are Market Force and Grassroots; there are lots of other mystery shopping companies out there, but these are the two through which I consistently find work.

Selling – Mission declutter the house will also start this month. Now I’m not a hoarder by any means, and I definitely prefer a tidy organised home- it makes me feel content and empowered! However two young boys accumulate a lot of toys, clothes and other baby/toddler related items. I feel like I’ve already sold or donated a lot over the past year but there still seems to be so much that we don’t use anymore. So I’ll be making a lost of anything that no longer gets used/no longer fits/no longer gets played with and will start decluttering. I think I’ll mainly be selling these through Facebook and Ebay and as a last resort at a carboot sale.

Freelance Work – I’m going to follow up on some leads for some possible freelance work, using skills from my permanent job.

That’s the top three, but I’ll be looking for other ways to make money during the month as well as these and adding them to my “ways to make money” list. The plan then is that these side hustles will take over as my main sources of income rather than my office job.




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