How to get free Cinema Tickets

I love going to the cinema, but tickets cost so much money! Although it was something which I cut out of  my budget without much worry, the experience of going to the cinema was something I missed. I decided to do a bit of research to see if it was possible to go to the cinema for free! How delighted was I when websites popped up showing how to get free cinema tickets!

Admittedly I was skeptical at first and even now when I tell people about it, the first thing they say is what’s the catch! I’ve been to quite a few free cinema showing over the years and it is a legitimate way to go to the cinema for free!

How does it work?

The website I’m signed up to is called Show Film First. You sign up to their website, fill in a few details about your film preferences and then you’re emailed about any relevant screenings. If you’re interested in seeing the film, you click the link contained in the email and it takes you to the page on their website containing details of all the dates and cinemas taking part in the free showing. You click on the showing you’re interested in and the tickets are emailed to you. All that’s left to do is for you to print them and take them to the cinema with you to see your free film.

The best thing about it is that the films tend to be previews of films that haven’t yet been released, so you’ll be getting to see it before anyone else. For some showings I’ve also been given free popcorn and goodie bags!

You can usually apply for up to 4 tickets depending on how popular they expect the screening to be; so it can be a fun way to have an evening out with friends, for free!

There are other ways to get to see films at a discount; these include:

Local Independent Cinema Nights

On Tuesday evening, my local independent cinema was holding a Ladies Film Night. The events are held regularly throughout the year, for the £5.00 ticket you see a film and afterwards enjoy a lovely hot drink, and selection of mini cakes. It’s worth seeing if you have a local independent cinema and whether they offer any sort of film night. I found out about this one through my local toddler group which I attend on a Monday morning, which is a lovely frugal activity to do with children.


Cineworld Unlimited Card– from £17.90 per month you can watch as many films as you want, as many times as you want and exclusive previews of upcoming releases.

Odeon Limitless– from £17.90 per month you can watch as many films as you want, as many times as you want and also exclusive previews of upcoming releases.

Children’s Tickets

Cineworld- with their Movies for Juniors offer, on weekend and school holiday morning, children and adults can see selected films for £2.50.

Vue – on selected weekend and school holiday mornings children and their accompanying adults can get cinema tickets for selected films for £2.49 with the Mini Mornings offer.

Odeon  – on Saturday and Sunday mornings and weekday mornings during school holidays children and adults can see selected films for £2.50 each through their Odeon Kids’ offer.


Meerkat Movies– get 2-4-1 movies every week on either a Tuesday or Wednesday when you buy an insurance policy with Compare the Market. You can get 2-4-1 movies for spending as little as £1 ish on travel insurance.

Nectar Points – every 500 Nectar Points is worth £2.50 at Vue Cinema’s. To get the offer you just hand over your nectar card at the box office and let them know how many points you’d like to convert.

So there you go, cinema tickets for free! Do you like to go to the cinema? Do you use any of the above ways to see things for free or discounted?

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