Frugal Living Ideas for 2019

Many people hear the word frugal and immediately think of someone who doesn’t spend any money or doesn’t enjoy life. For me, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Frugal living is about being happier living with less, living within your means and taking care of your money, spending it wisely and consciously on items or experiences that add value to your life.

For anyone wanting to make this year a year for living more frugally, here are my top 10 frugal living ideas for 2019.

  1. Create a budget so you can see how much money you have coming in and where it is being spent. I use a zero-based budget method, which basically means every penny that comes in, is allocated a place in my budget, whether it’s going towards mortgage, food, clothes or savings. Creating a budget for yourself is the absolute first thing you should do in order to get a grasp on your finances.
  2. Create money goals to give you something to work towards each month, whether that’s saving for a holiday, a car or for a deposit for a mortgage. Having a goal for your money makes you focus and assess your spending.
  3. Pack your lunch and snacks everyday, this saves so much money! It’s second nature to me to now to pack my lunch if I’m not working from home or we’re going out for the day.
  4. Stop buying takeaway hot drinks, invest in a reusable takeaway cup and make your own drink before you go out instead.
  5. Plan your meals- this is a great habit to get into if you’re looking to save money on your food budget. We have a food budget each month and I do a weekly meal plan based on what needs used up in the fridge or cupboards and then create a shopping list based on the extra we need to make the meals.
  6. Shop for Christmas presents in the January sales! (or other sales throughout the year). I’ve already bought quite a lot of my Christmas presents for this year in the sales at greatly reduced prices.
  7. Make use of your library instead of buying new books and magazines. I love books and reading and I love the library, so many great books to choose from all for free. It’s great for children’s books and free activities too.
  8. Don’t automatically renew your insurances (car, house etc) do a new search every year on a comparison site. I make a note in my diary about 3 weeks before I’m scheduled to renew and then do a search on a comparison site, I always save money each year.
  9. Stop buying new clothes and actually wear the clothes that are in your wardrobe! I’m sure there’s hundreds of outfits you could make from the clothes you already have.
  10. Declutter and sell unwanted items – a great way to kick start your savings goal for the year!

There you go, my top ten frugal living ideas for 2019, to get you started. I could continue but we’ll keep it at 10 for now! Once you start and see the savings you can make I’m sure you’ll be hooked and looking for more ideas!










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