Some hobbies can be really expensive and really eat into your monthly budget; that’s fine if you can afford it and absolutely love them. I’ve never really had an expensive hobby that I can recall, I used to dance when I was younger but that’s about it, and I go through phases where I join a dance class again for a few months, but it’s hard to stick to at the minute with two little ones to work around. I’ve compiled a list of frugal hobbies to try, some of them I do and others I would like to do or have done in the past.

This is a great hobby that you can do for free by discovering books at your local library, or for very little by picking up books very cheaply in second hand shops or car boot sales, (I can often pick up 4 books for books for £1 or even cheaper). I love reading and can often be found tucked up in bed of an evening with a good book.

Finding Fun Cheap things to do
A particular hobby of mine is to actually spend time searching for free events and fun free things to do in and around the area where I live. It’s amazing the things you can do for free with a little bit of searching. I check local information websites to find free events which are taking place in parks and around the city, I’ve found some great music events and activities for children. The library notice board is also a good place to check for free events, mine has regular free movies showing as well as loads of events for children. I see free films at the cinema quite a lot too through signing up to free cinema ticket websites. My local city also hosts a great outdoor movie event during the summer months; a huge screen is set up in the city centre showing regular free screenings of movies. You can just pop along with a picnic and grap a seat for free.

Entering Competitions
This is a good one to do again while you’re sitting of an evening. You can also use anything that you win for presents for birthdays or Christmas presents. There’s so many competitions that you can enter online so no need to take part in any that charge you for entering, I used to search the money saving expert forums for free competitions. I used to enter competitions as a hobby a few years ago, and won a few things like theatre tickets and a big box of beauty products. I don’t have the time at the minute unfortunately, but it’s definitely something I’ll do again in the future.

If you’ve got a good eye for spotting the beauty in something neglected, you could try your hand at upcycling. Search second hand furniture shops for items of furniture that you like and try giving them a new lease of life with some paint and a bit of distressing if that shabby look. I’ve bought quite a lot of the furniture in our house this way, and while it does take a bit of time, it’s very satisfying to see the finished product.

This is still a fairly new avenue for me, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. It’s a great way to express yourself and share your thoughts and ideas on whatever subject that interests you. A bonus is that you can make money from your blog as well if you put in the time and effort.

If you’re into exercise and keeping fit then running is a great way to keep fit with very little cost. I started the Couch to 5k programme a few years ago (which you can find online), after having never run in my life and was hooked.

Mystery Shopping
I’ve been mystery shopping for years now, it’s not going to earn you a great deal of money but it’s a fun way to get some free food and drinks and pretend that you’re an actor or a spy for a few hours!

That’s my list of frugal hobbies, costing nothing or very little money. Hope you found it useful.


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