Free Drinks and Doughnuts!

I try to be as frugal as possible in order to reach my financial goals and therefore rarely spend money in coffee shops. However there’s something lovely about snuggling down in a cosy chair, fingers wrapped round a lovely warm drink, whilst watching the world go by. So the fact that I can get a free drink which therefore doesn’t eat into my budget is amazing!

How did I manage to do this? Well its simple really, I’m signed up with O2 priority app and every Tuesday CafĂ© Nero offer you a hot drink (any size) for free! My latest choice was a delicious hot chocolate. What’s even better is they stamp your loyalty card as well, so another free hot drink without spending anything. If you’re not with O2, you can go to the O2 website to request a free sim card and still claim the priority rewards. I’ve had loads of freebies from priority rewards, chocolates, ice-cream, sweets, drinks, it’s definitely worth signing up to.

So how did I get the doughnut for free?? I signed up to Krispy Kreme’s mailing list a while ago, it’s worth doing this if you like Krispy Kreme, because not only do they send you an email voucher code to claim a free doughnut on your birthday, they also send money off vouchers or 2 for 1 vouchers. However it’s not my birthday, so this little freebie was simply because I hadn’t been in store for a while so they sent an email for me to claim any free doughnut of my choice. You simply walk in, show they voucher code and claim your free treat, easy and very delicious!

I also managed to claim a free 500ml bottle of coke zero from vouchers being given away in the city centre where I live. They were also giving away mini cans for you to try along with the vouchers. I find that town centres, especially around train station or metro stations are really good places to find brands giving away samples and coupons for you to try their products. I find it’s best on week days when they’re trying to catch commuters on their way to and from work, but I’ve found them at other times too.

So that’s it, how I managed to get sweet treats and drinks for free. Quite a successful day!

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