Taking inspiration from other blogs I read, I thought I would do a post on the frugal things I’ve done this week.

Clothes Sorting – I had a clear out of some old clothes that I no longer wear to sell at a car boot sale which I plan on having in the next few months.

Meal Plan – I shopped from my cupboards before doing a meal plan for the upcoming week. This is basically where you would have a look through your food cupboards, fridge, freezer to see what you already have in there and what things need to be used up and plan meals around those items. You would then make a shopping list for the missing ingredients needed to finish the weekly meal plan. We tend to stick to similar meals, but every so often I like to do this to use up things which have been there for a while and use them in different meals. Meal planning in advance is a great way to save money.

Free Drink – I spent a lovely couple of hours, whilst my youngest was asleep in his pram, watching the world go by in a coffee shop using the free hot drink voucher from O2 Priority.

Vouchers– I used a Sainsbury’s £8 off a £50 spend to order an online shop to be delivered. I use these codes I get every so often from a till spit at Sainsbury’s to stock up on baby products, e.g nappies, wipes etc. The items are so bulky that it makes sense to get them delivered if there’s a good offer on. I would usually get the £1 delivery slot, however I wasn’t very organised this week and only remembered about the voucher the day before it ran out! I paid £2 delivery, but still a £6 saving on products I was going to buy anyway!


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