So you’ve got through January and have now decided that you want this year to be different, you want to take control of your finances and be intentional with your spending. If that sounds like you, here are four easy ways to save money in 2019.

Track your Spending
This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it can just be with something simple like a note book and pen, but it’s definitely one of the first things to do if you want to save some money. You can see what you spend your money on during the month and from there you can begin to see where you can start to cut back and save.

Look for Freebies
When you begin to see where your money goes, look for ways you can do those same things cheaper or free, that’s how I started getting free cinema tickets and doing mystery shopping. I loved going to the cinema and started searching online for ways to go to the cinema for free, I signed up to one of the companies and the rest is history.

I also love going to coffee shops just to do a bit of people watching, I now make use of free O2 offers for Café Nero, or the free hot drink and cake voucher that comes with the John Lewis card. You can also get vouchers for free drinks in local papers (as I type this I’m enjoying a free coffee in Costa which I found in my local free paper).
Have a look at your spending tracker and see where you spend your money and challenge yourself to see if you can do any of those things for free.

Set up Piggy Banks/Sinking Funds
Basically these are separate accounts into which you pay a set amount each month to spend in the future, for example, you may want to save for Christmas, a holiday or a car. By having these separate accounts and allocating a certain amount into each one per month, the money is there when you need it. I have separate accounts for pretty much all my outgoings and when I get paid I simply have standing orders set up to transfer a certain amount of money into those accounts. I have accounts for Birthdays, Christmas, Holidays, Car tax/insurance, Clothes, Health and Beauty, Entertainment (the personal spend money I give myself to spend each month).
Some of them like the entertainment budget, get spent each month, and others like the Christmas and Birthday I can dip into throughout the year if I see a particular bargain that I want to buy someone for a gift for their birthday or Christmas.

Meal Plan
One of the best ways to cut your grocery budget is to meal plan. By using up what you have in your cupboards and only buying what you need to make meals for the week, you can save so much money on food and reduce food wastage. I tend to do my meal plan on a Sunday night and go shopping on a Monday for the items we need to last us the week. We cook about 4 times per week and on the rest of the days have left overs (so basically when I cook I make sure that I double the quantities so just need to reheat it the next day) Less money spent and less cooking required!

I use all of the above methods to be more intentional with my money and I find they really help to save money and be more mindful with what I spend. I hope they help you too.

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