I’ve always been pretty good with money, but this list of five things I no longer spend money on is the changes that I’ve made since being made redundant last year.  I’m now working for myself from home and have had to have a good look at my finances in order to maximise the smaller amount I have coming in while my business grows. So here’s the five things that I no longer spend money on (that I used to pre-redundancy)


I’ve cut my own hair on and off for about 2 years now, but I would always go to the hairdressers maybe a couple of times a year, because I felt like I needed to! But honestly I never used to be happy with the cut, so now I exclusively cut my own hair at home, using a pair of hairdressing scissors I bought from Home Bargains for £1.99!!

I also dye my own hair (but I’ve been doing that for ages so it’s not included in this 10 things I no longer spend money on!)

Two Car Payments and Running Costs

I bought into a lease deal on a car a few years back (I would never do it again, I hated feeling like I never owed the car) but at the time I had just returned to work after my first child and needed a reliable car, and I thought this was a good way to do it. Anyway I was lucky that the end of my lease coincided with my redundancy so I chose not to renew it. We now only have 1 car as a household.  I now work mainly from home (my previous job was nearly an hour round trip and impossible to do on public transport) and my partner can get to work on the train if I should need the car on a particular day. I pay towards the running costs of my partners car and petrol but not having 2 cars has saved us so much money.

Eye Brow Threading/Waxing

This is only a very recent budget cut, as up until a few weeks ago I was regularly getting my eyebrows threaded. It was only £5.00 every month and I honestly didn’t have the energy to do them myself, but last week I thought I’d give it another go and I was actually quite pleased with the results so I’m sticking with doing them myself and saving myself £60.00 a year!

Takeaway Hot Drinks and Snacks

I was never the kind of person to buy a coffee on the way to work but when I stopped to look at what I was spending, I was buying a takeaway hot drink at least a couple of times a week. I have a re,usuable cup at home, so I now make sure that I just use that if I want a drink on the go, I’ll even take a flask if we’re going to out for a while! I also noticed that I was spending money on snacks for my 2 children when we were out and about, whilst this wasn’t a huge amount each time, it all adds up. So now I always make sure that I have a few snacks and some water with me whenever we go out, just in case we’re out longer than expected. There’s nothing more stressful to a tired mamma than 2 hungry children!

Impulse Buying New Clothes

I’m not a huge clothes shopper (I used to be in my younger days, but not anymore) when I looked at what i was spending on clothes I was amazed, as the majority of the time I didn’t need the item and it was just something that was on sale that I thought was a bargain. I have enough clothes to not NEED to buy anything else. My ultimate goal is to create the perfect capsule wardrobe made of of gorgeous timeless pieces that requires minimal effort and only requires updating every so often, this is far from what I have at the minute! I am keeping a list of things that I would like to add to my wardrobe but for now I’m not buying anything new. I’m still happy to buy something second hand, if it is on my list and is something that I need, but no more impulse buys!!

So that’s the five things I no longer spend money on, what are your ideas for saving money?




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