Five Easy Things To Stop Buying To Save Money

When I was made redundant, my monthly income obviously ended overnight. I now make about 1/2 of what earning when I was employed, however I have adjusted my lifestyle accordingly and as a result do not feel like I’m earning that much less, and the freedom and peace of mind I get knowing I’m working towards my goals is priceless! I’ve put together a list of five easy things to stop buying to save money:

Bottled Water

Stop buying bottled water, save money by using your own refillable bottle when you’re out, most places will refill them for you with tap water if you run out. In addition to saving money, you’re also helping the environment by not contributing to the plastic waste.

Cleaning products

You seriously don’t need all the fancy cleaning products that are advertised. I haven’t got round to making my own cleaning products yet but I want to someday; I just have one product (a multi purpose spray) that I pretty much use for cleaning everything and in addition I have some bleach which I use for the toilets.

Expensive Entertainment

Challenge yourself to look for cheaper ways to entertain yourself and save your money for particular treats. I started by writing a list of things that I loved to do and then worked out ways I could do them for free or much cheaper.

I love reading, so can easily get this fix from the library by borrowing books for free. You can also download books and magazines from your library to read for free as well;  I love this for the magazines as you can get back copies as well as the current edition.. I also invested in a kindle a few years back and I absolutely love it, there’s always loads of free books to download from amazon. I also use amazon vouchers that I earn from surveys or market research projects to buy books too.

I also love going to the cinema (I don’t get to do it that often as I have two small boys) but I’ll look out for free cinema tickets through See Film First, to see if I can get free tickets to see previous of films. Also during the summer months look out for free outdoor screenings of films near you. We have a great outdoor screen which gets put up during the summer and shows a few films a day completely free- deckchairs are provided as well! It’s so good. I’m definately attending a few screenings this summer!

I still manage to get a coffee shop fix through various ways; through O2 priority  you can get a free hot drink every Tuesday at Cafe Nero and John Lewis offer a free hot drink and cake a few times per year with their loyalty card. I also get vouchers sent to me from garden centres and outlet centres for a free drink. I take advantage of these to have child free time with a coffee and a book or arrange to meet up with a friend for a catch up for free!

Convenience Food

I try as much as possible to cook from scratch at home and bring lunch with me when I go out. This includes when we go out for the day as a family, I make sure that we always take a picnic and drinks with us, it’s healthier and cheaper. Although I’m very good at taking lunch with me, I’ll sometimes find that I’ll be hungry if I’m out all day and I’ve forgotten to pack any snacks! When I was working in an office, I would always have emergency snacks in my office drawer but now I have to remind myself to take some fruit or cereal bar with me.


I’ve mentioned this before, but it can save you so much money that I thought I’d mention it again! I’ve never particularly enjoyed going to the hairdressers, so in order to save money, I decided to try to cut my own hair. It’s not as scary as it sounds I promise, there’s so many great tutorials on YouTube that guide you through the process, I just watched a few and gave it a go! The first cut was pretty terrifiying but actually once you’ve made that first snip it’s not so scary! There’s tutorials for long or short hair, straight or layers. I have long layered choppy hair so I wasn’t too bothered about it being perfectly straight; I’m happy with it anyway.

I’ve also been dying my own hair for a while as well and the cost of paying to get it dyed at a salon was was just getting ridiculous. As much as I would love to not have to dye my hair (that would obviously save some money) I have dark hair and the dreaded greys unfortunately are showing through now so I have to disguise them.

So I now spend about £5 every couple of months on a shop bought dye and nothing on hair cuts (apart from buying a pair of hairdressing scissors from Home Bargains for £1.99) which means my total outlay for haircuts and dye for a year would be about £32 per year, sooooo much cheaper than going to the hairdressers!!

So there you have it, five easy things to stop buying to save money. Hope you found them useful. What have you stopped buying to save money?


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