In the past I used to find that when I’d be seduced into buying a cookbook I’d maybe try a few of the recipes, but then be put off by the number of different ingredients that were required for each meal which would cost a fortune. I’d also end up with random bits of opened packets and jars of things that would never get used again.

This was before I stumbled across this blog completely by accident. What can I say but it’s amazing. When the cookbooks came out I knew I just had to buy them!

A Girl Called Jack: 100 delicious budget recipes by [Monroe, Jack]

A Year in 120 Recipes by [Monroe, Jack]


I love the blog and books because the ingredients used are simple, not costly and widely available. The same/similar herbs, spices and ingredients are used in all the recipes, but the different ways of cooking with themĀ and usingĀ them means they all taste different and amazing!

Have a look at the blog and try some of the recipes. Enjoy!

Babs x



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