It’s so important that you understand why you’re changing your spending habits and your ultimate end goal. Once you understand this and why things need to change it will make everything so much easier. Just like dieting you have to be in the right frame of mind and want to make the change before you’ll see any progress. Change your mindset change your money – it starts inside you!


So what’s your goal, what do you want to achieve? Is it to be debt free? Is it to pay off your mortgage?Reduce your hours at work to spend more time with your children? Whatever it is, write it down and remember why you are doing it. Your outlook will then start to change and so will your spending and the way you view money.

If you don’t have friends who are on the same journey as you, it can be quite lonely and discouraging, so I would urge you to seek out and surround yourself with like minded people; follow people on Instagram and YouTube who are travelling the same journey as you.

Once you start on your journey, a decluttering process will naturally occur within your home as you find things to sell to make money to reach your goals. This then leads on to enjoying the feeling of having a less cluttered house, as items which are sold are not replaced. Embrace this process and start focusing on saving money whilst enjoying what’s really important to you in life.


This could be another blog post in itself, but basically by looking at the things which you spend money on regularly (it doesn’t have to be a large amount of money- small amounts soon add up) you can start to look at ways to either turn these into low spend or no spend habits. For example, do you spend money on getting your hair cut? Could you do this yourself instead? I cut my own hair following tutorials on you tube for free and spend £5 every few months on a shop bought hair dye to do myself at home.

What about getting your nails done, can you learn to so a DIY manicure at home? Or what about coffees and lunches out? There’s so many ways to get a free drink, my post here gives you further details  FIVE EASY THINGS TO STOP BUYING TO SAVE MONEY and by signing up to mystery shopping companies you can even get yourself a free lunch!

Talking about lunches, food will be one of your biggest outgoings after rent/mortgage. I can’t stress enough the importance of meal planning, it will save you so much money! If this is something that you’re interested in the following posts 10 EASY WAYS TO SAVE MONEY ON FOOD and FIVE WAYS I SAVE MONEY ON FOOD contain lots of information on how to lower your grocery bills.


When you strip everything right back, you’ll find that you don’t need to spend money to appreciate and enjoy life. For me now I enjoy spending my free time reading or walking along the beautiful coastline where I now live. I spend my money on things which nurture my mind, on books and courses which feed my soul, Udemy is a great site for cheap course which are excellent value for money.

The perceived enjoyment found in spending money on unnecessary items cannot be matched by the feeling you get from knowing that you are in control of your money and are working towards creating your best life.

How have you changed your attitude to spending?


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