As I may have said in previous posts and I’m sure I’ll continue to mention it again in future ones, I love car boot sales! I never come away empty handed and can always find some great bargains. I’m always on the look out for boys clothes, toys, books and well anything really! I thought I’d share a little haul from my last car boot sale.


I very rarely buy magazines brand new, at £4.30 each they’re too expensive. But this stall was selling them for 20p each. I quite often buy magazines from car boot sales, especially home décor ones for around the same price but they’re usually from a few years ago. So couldn’t believe it when I saw these very recent ones from the last few months, February, March and April editions. They were bought new for £21.50, I paid just £1!


I love reading and often pick up a few books from Car Boot Sales. I’ll have a list of books that I’m looking for, but if anything catches my eye for a good price I’ll pick it up. These were 3 for £1 so can’t go wrong really!


Babs x

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