You really don’t need to spend tonnes of money celebrating Valentine’s day. Whilst it’s nice to show your loved ones that you’re thinking about them, there are plenty of ways to do this which cost nothing or very little; just a bit of creativity and imagination.

Here’s 10 ways to have a frugal Valentine’s Day.


  1. Leave love notes where your partner will find them throughout the day, e.g whilst cleaning their teeth, in their lunch box.
  2. Buy your loved ones favourite bar of chocolate for them.
  3. Make presents for each other, how about making heart shaped biscuits to give or create a playlist of their favourite songs.
  4. A”Hour Off” – this one is great if you have children, I would love this this as a gift! Basically you give the gift of an hour off for them to use as they wish, to have some alone time, time to recharge.
  5. A handmade coupon for a job/chore that they don’t want to do and have been putting off, so you’ ll do it for them e.g clean the car.

Date Ideas

  1. Instead of going out to eat, spend time cooking a lovely meal together
  2. Have Valentines day brunch out together and go for a walk afterwards, much cheaper than dinner out.
  3. Go out for coffee and cake together rather then an expensive meal
  4. Go for a walk and take a home made picnic and a flask of hot tea (don’t forget the blanket!)
  5. Create your own movie night at home, with some homemade popcorn and chocolates and watch one of your favourite films together.

Remember love is not measured but how much you spend, it’s about spending quality time together.

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day?


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